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Product Description

Teaming up with the exquisite Mrs. Deco's signature luxury one-piece swimsuit, we're excited to introduce Nailah Swimwear, showcasing vibrant African prints.

A standout within our sustainable swimwear collection, the reversible Nailah One-Piece Swimsuit is crafted from recycled plastic bottles and spandex, epitomizing both style and eco-friendliness.

Tailored to flatter diverse body shapes and sizes, this chic one-piece is not only well-fitted but also visually captivating. Its unique selling point lies in its reversible design, providing versatility to switch between the vibrant floral print and a classic red side.

With a refined low v-cut neckline, high-leg silhouette, and moderate coverage, it exudes timeless sophistication.



  • Fully reversible swimsuit for different styles
  • Fixed padding for added support
  • High-leg cut for a modern silhouette
  • Low V-neckline 
  • Moderate coverage bottom
  • Wide adjustable strings


Size & Fit

  • Fits true to size, pick your regular size
  • Studio model height is 176cm, UK 10, 36B, wearing size M
  • The second model stands at 178cm, UK 8, 34D, donning size S
  • The third model stands at 170cm, UK 6, 34A, donning size S

          Fabric and Print

          Printed - 100% Recycled Water Bottles
          Plain - 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

          About the prints:

          EWA NAIBU 
          also known as 
          Beauty Inside
          Ewa (Beauty in Yoruba) 
          Naibu (Inside in Japanese)
          The peacock symbolizes the beautiful things of life. It radiates an aura of glory, freedom, dignity, eternal life, love, beauty, strength, courage and aesthetics. In West Africa, the Peacock symbolism is here to remind us that nothing, including beauty, should be taken too seriously. The Peacock meaning reminds you to stay centered on what “is” and allow you to be grateful for what you have. 
          The meaning behind this is that the true beauty insides speak louder and impact one another in a positive way, no matter how good an appearance a person is. 
          Water in Japan is believed to incarnate the purity and pliant simplicity of life.

          RECORD or WATER WELL
          also known as
          Target / Nsu Bura
          This drawing first appeared on the market in the 1960s and goes by many names, such as “Plaque-Plaque”, “Target”, and “Nsu Bura”, which means ‘water well’ in Ghana. When you throw a stone in a water well, you can see a ripple effect. The message is that whatever you do, good or bad, it will have an effect on everyone around you. In Nigeria, the design is known as Record, thanks to the circular shape of the motif, which reminds many consumers and traders of old vinyl records.

          ROLLS ROYCE
          Also known as
          Fleurs De Mariage / Mgbolodi
          This popular fabric is known by names such as “Rolls Royce”, “Mgbolodi” and “Fleurs de Mariage” (Wedding Flowers). It symbolizes the beauty of happiness in a marriage. It is also believed that when owned or worn, the design will bring uncountable success and wealth to the owner and their family. Perhaps the fabric owes its name “Rolls Royce” to this superstition.

          Size & Fit

          Sizing is standard however to ensure you are getting the desired fit, we recommend checking the bust, waist and hip measurements. 
          Please contact us as info@oliveankara.com if you would like further advice.

          View our size guide here for detail. 

          Fabric Offsets

          Our swimwear collection is 100% Waste Neutral. 
          We use 100% FSC recycle paper and our packaging is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. 
          We have partnered with Nu Cycle for our waste offset.

          Look After Me

          HAND WASH, AIR DRY
          To best care for this garment, we recommend a hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.


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