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We are a composition of colourful fragments from each and every one of you we've ever met.

#WearOA is a platform for the culturally curious—ready to explore, investigate, learn, and understand within a community that celebrates diversity at its core. This is a space where we share and appreciate differences in our increasingly interconnected world.


"Love being an OA girl, I feel special, beautiful, and fierce at the same time. It’s a good blend of wild, sexy and elegant. Just that kind of personality I portray myself into. And it’s so fun to style them into so different ways too " 

- Camille⁠


“I have a love affair with patterns and colours and OliveAnkara hits the spot for me. Love the vibrancy of the prints to the flow of the cuts.”

- Zara


"The vibrant colours and styling expresses my cheerful, positive and adventurous personality!

- Mariko


“I love that OliveAnkara has cute, playful fabrics that flow beautifully every time I walk. I like how the dress feels like it's sewn on my body with its well-shaped bodice and corset-like tailoring!

- Michelle


Singapore singer-song-writer, Kewei, performing in the Zoe Cheongsam Dress. She absolutely slayed the performance at 20 weeks pregnant! 


Yasmin is looking absolutely stunning in the Zalika dress. She’s picked the perfect nail colour to match the orange and purple print of this dress. This date night outfit gets a 10/10 from us.


“To me, OliveAnkara is more than fashion: OA is diversity's pulse, the colour of our souls. It's inclusivity, making everyone look amazing in an OA outfit! ”

- Nadia


"I’m completely enamored with the beauty of OliveAnkara styles. The intricate patterns and rich colors truly capture the essence of African heritage & craftsmanship. It’s a true work of art that I can’t help but fall in love with. Keep creating magic!" 

- Irene⁠


“I love OliveAnkara so much because the prints tell a story & the prints are bright and bold which totally represents who I am as a person! The effort that goes into this brand with an eco-conscious mind behind it is so so beautiful too! WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE #OAFAM ❤️”

- Chantal

Such a stunning duo! This son and mother look incredibly stylish in their matching OliveAnkara outfit. The combination of the vibrant fabric and their confident, coordinated fashion sense is truly striking. It's a testament to their impeccable taste and individuality. Absolutely heartwarming!


You shall be dazzled by the same dress, this time in Aqua. Spotted in the streets of Singapore is Sharmaine. Loving the sleek centre parting hairdo which balances this dramatic ruffled shoulder piece

A Reason why Andrea Wears OA, I love that I can educate others about a different culture through my outfit. If you love it, own it. Don't be afraid to stand out!

- Andrea

Andrea is seen in the Zoe dress in what looks like the perfect summer day! 

Wise Words From Amelia . . .

Learning to be fully content and at peace with being "you" - imperfections and all. Everyone else is already taken; and there is only one you that will ever exist. Shine bravely and brightly.

Wise Words From Dee . . .

Don’t be afraid to wear prints, don't be afraid to wear and be seen in the same outfit. Many people are afraid to wear prints as they are very easy to be recognized, so what? I wear my OliveAnkara out and proud all the time, I never get sick of seeing myself wearing them.

We Asked Usha For A Piece Of Advice For Our Community.

I don't think I have any advice to give! Seems like the OA community already embodies the ideals I try to live up to myself - to live fearlessly, with confidence and in glorious technicolour!

Elif's Favourite Things To Do Are:

Yoga and meditation. Also, empowering and engaging women in need.

Which Is Elif's Favourite OA Piece? 

Infinity dresses and jumpsuits. So many possibilities of wearing and they are so flattering!


Taking a modern spin with the Ameerah Cheongsam, the dress is matched with a pair of black boots. This is definitely an edgy ensemble created by her which brought out her creativity. We’d highly recommend doing this for a one-of-a-kind style! 


Alex here is seen successfully pulling off the Surya Cheongsam outside the festive season. This set really does suit other special occasions that may not be necessarily Chinese New Year. Cheers to re-wearing clothes! 


Our community member Amirah is wearing the Fahimah Baju Raya twin-set with a pair of white hooties. We think that this Hari Raya outfit is seriously stunning on her!⁠⁠


Here we have the always beautiful Elena also in the Zalika mini dress. We can’t get enough of this fun yet elegant and romantic look. It’s the perfect night out look we love!


Pia living her best 2020 💛🥂✨ She is wearing her Saqui Afromono as a dress while Sipping some bubbles and enjoying her stay at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa.


We have Redha looking dazzling in the Laiba Baju Raya twin-set. Seen here with her folks on Hari Raya. Thank you so much for wearing a piece of OA for this special occasion!

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