What is ankara? What is ankara fabric? Isn’t it the capital of Turkey? It is the capital of Turkey and it is also the name of a popular fabric worn by many Africans. So what is ankara?

Ankara commonly known as “Ankara prints”, “African prints”,”African wax prints” “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax”, is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs.

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Aigerim Ankara Cheongsam DressAigerim Ankara Cheongsam Dress
$320.00 SGD
Dana Ankara Cheongsam PantsDana Ankara Cheongsam Pants
$219.00 SGD$131.00 SGD40%OFF
Dana Ankara Cheongsam TopDana Ankara Cheongsam Top
$185.00 SGD$111.00 SGD40%OFF
Kisi Crop Top - BrownKisi Crop Top - Brown
$139.00 SGD
Dashiki Turban Headband - WhiteDashiki Turban Headband - White
$25.00 SGD
Beza Tie-Up HeadbandBeza Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Nina Tie-Up HeadbandNina Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Maka Tie-Up HeadbandMaka Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Dana Tie-Up HeadbandDana Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Obiado Tie-Up HeadbandObiado Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Igbe Tie-Up HeadbandIgbe Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Ene Tie-Up HeadbandEne Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Ema Tie-Up HeadbandEma Tie-Up Headband
$18.00 SGD
Kente Tie-Up Headband - OrangeKente Tie-Up Headband - Orange
$18.00 SGD
Nubia Mini Skirt - Yellow KenteNubia Mini Skirt - Yellow Kente
$149.00 SGD
Firdawasi Shorts -Yellow KenteFirdawasi Shorts -Yellow Kente
$139.00 SGD
Arrie Pants - Yellow Jumping HorsesArrie Pants - Yellow Jumping Horses
$179.00 SGD$125.00 SGD30%OFF
Arrie Crop Top - Shades of BlueArrie Crop Top - Shades of Blue
$149.00 SGD$112.00 SGD25%OFF
Chinedu Maxi Skirt - Pink/BrownChinedu Maxi Skirt - Pink/Brown
$189.00 SGD