Runway: Catwalk on the Rooftop and Market Bazaar @ The Hive, Singapore

On June 16th, 2017 we were invited to participate at Runway: Catwalk on the Rooftop and Market Bazaar, a fashion show organized by The Hive ( and Runway Asia with the intent of showcasing and promoting 11 up-and-coming local designers. It was a great honor for us (and honestly, a big surprise as well, given that we had never done any runway show before and our first pop-up shop hadn't opened yet!) and we really appreciated the opportunity that was given us to show four of our creations to the public for the first time.

At first, a bit of anxiety kicked in when we received the invitation, but then thanks to the amazing team at The Hive, the hairdressers, the make up artists and our four gorgeous models, everything went well and we had so much fun!

Here is a short interview with our founder and designer, Ify, a few days prior to the event, where she was asked to talk about herself and how she got into the fashion world (courtesy of The Hive).


And here are some shots from the night!

Shiori wearing our Chinwe dress:

Runway The Hive Singapore Shiori model with Chinwa Dress OliveAnkara

Nicolette wearing Ronke Top and Oluchi Pants:

Runway 2017 The Hive Nicolette model Ronke Top Oluchi Pants OliveAnkara

This is Ameerah wearing Olivia Top and Nkiru Shorts:

Runway 2017 The Hive model Ameerah Olivia Top Nkiru Shorts OliveAnkara

The icing on the cake, Aarika wearing Tinwa Dress:

Runway 2017 The Hive Model Aarika Lee Tinwa Dress OliveAnkara

And it's a wrap, Aarika posing for the photographer together with the make up artist and Ify,  OliveAnkara's founder and designer:

Runway 2017 The Hive Finale Aarika Lee and Ify Ubby OliveAnkara

Thanks again to The Hive for making this happen! To many more runways and catwalks!

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