The Rooftop Escape SS21 

With summer kicking off and a time typically for travel and leisure, this season’s lookbook idealizes what a staycation looks like in 2021- from the rooftop of a shophouse in Joo Chiat accompanied with your… best companions, swanky little cocktails, funky playlist to dance along to.

Esosa Dress - Yellow Rolls RoyceEsosa Dress - Yellow Rolls Royce
$249.00 SGD
Esosa Dress - Aqua MazeEsosa Dress - Aqua Maze
$249.00 SGD
Ileara Open Front Dress - OasisIleara Open Front Dress - Oasis
$219.00 SGD
Zalika Mini Dress - AquaZalika Mini Dress - Aqua
$239.00 SGD
Eya Dress - Yellow AwoulabaEya Dress - Yellow Awoulaba
$235.00 SGD
Chinedu Twin Set - Pink/BrownChinedu Twin Set - Pink/Brown
$359.00 SGD
Chinedu Crop Top - Pink/BrownChinedu Crop Top - Pink/Brown
$169.00 SGD
Arrie Pants - Shades of BlueArrie Pants - Shades of Blue
$179.00 SGD
Arrie Crop Top - Shades of BlueArrie Crop Top - Shades of Blue
$149.00 SGD
Chinedu Maxi Skirt - Pink/BrownChinedu Maxi Skirt - Pink/Brown
$189.00 SGD
Eya Dress - Yellow/ RedEya Dress - Yellow/ Red
$235.00 SGD
Arrie Twin Set - Shades of BlueArrie Twin Set - Shades of Blue
$309.00 SGD