Ready-to-Wear CNY23 -  

My Secret Garden  

Ready-to-Wear CNY23

My Secret Garden  


Need unique looks for Chinese New Year gatherings you can pull together at the last minute?

Browse through our African-inspired modern hybrid cheongsams that are designed with versatility in mind. 

As very few pieces of each design are made, there is little to no risk of wearing the same piece as another person for this special occasion. 

Come inside, my secret garden when no one is brokenhearted. The sound of trickling water springs will soothe your heart until it sings. 

The scent of honeysuckle blooms, breathe in her sweet perfumes. Bright flowers of multi-hues, shine in the balmy morning dew. 

Gold, amber and the deepest blue. Will sweeten your faded dreams anew. The birds singing their melodious song will soon have you singing along. 

I am not sure what else to say, except you’re welcome to stay. 

Kara Ankara CheongsamKara Ankara Cheongsam
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