OliveAnkara takes you to a delightfully feminine universe where the collections exude an infinitely sensual charm and the cuts display effortless elegance. OliveAnkara empowers the modern woman to express her bold personality and confidence through our original designs.

We make sure our pieces fit and flatter your shape, and work for every aspect of your life – from work to date night, brunch to dinner. Nothing inspires us more than the amazing women who wear our clothing.

Colours are extremely important to us as a mean of expression and an homage celebrating the coming together of many different cultures. Our designs embrace the beauty of colours, giving you total freedom to develop your own personal style. We hope to inspire you and give your closet an extra dash of excitement!

Every shade is chosen, and every piece is designed, by Ify, an African-European creator with the genuine intention of bringing people together under one vibrant cloth.



IfyHey! That girl here is me. I’m Ify, OliveAnkara’s founder and designer.
I wasn’t born a fashion designer. Far from it. However, my natural creative heart has always had a crush on colours and crafts. I am an Italian scientist with Nigerian roots living in Singapore. This diverse mix of cultures has a deep influence on my design aesthetics. As a toddler in summer, I was always wrapped in African prints. When I was a teenager, I would almost always step out with an African skirt or a head wrap, often both. In my house, there was a big piece of African cloth that we would use to lie down in the garden, or simply to cover the sofa. African clothes and prints have always been part of my life, and the older I got, the more I fell in love with them.

My dream is to see women of all cultures rocking an OliveAnkara creation, expressing their own unique style.