Reducing waste should be a major effort for everyone, in every aspect of our lives. In terms of business, reducing unused materials means save money and optimize cost. But most of all, waste reduction means garbage reduction, and garbage reduction means happier environment. At OliveAnkara we take environment preservation as a pillar of our brand culture, and we strive to implement operations and production processes towards the objective of a #ZeroWaste mentality. We challenge ourselves trying to use up every last scrap of our wax printed fabrics. This means we upcycle every off-cut and cutting room waste fabric. In the first place, we focus on efficient garment design and pattern cutting techniques, aiming to use around 90% of the fabric when cutting. The fabric not used for the clothes, is used to create head bands and necklaces. What's left after head bands and necklaces, is used to produce other accessories such as rings, earrings and bracelets (not for sale on our website, only in the markets we attend locally in Singapore).

This 3-stages production allows us to use up to 98% of the fabrics we purchase.

These head bands and necklaces (coming soon!) are the result of our #zerowaste stage 2!



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