Enweoke Collection

Enweoke is our first collection, designed to make women feel unique, stylish and most important comfortable in their own skin.

Enweoke means “no boundaries”. We gave this name to our first collection because it perfectly represents the spirit of OliveAnkara, and our dream of seeing women of all colours wearing a piece of Africa.

Enweoke is a word taken from the Igbo language, one of the four official languages in Nigeria, spoken by the Igbo ethnic group in the southeastern part of the country.

To keep the collection exclusive, no more than 3 pieces are created by model.

In case you are wondering, many pieces in our collections are dedicated to wonderful Nigerian women in the life of OliveAnkara: inspirations, supporters, friends and family. All the names have beautiful meanings. For example "Tiwa" means "who owns the kingship" or "Ganiru" means "good luck".

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